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The next love letter I write to you.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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<3. [Sun Nov 27th, 2005 12:43pm ]
[ mood | I might get to see him! ]

Hmm....Grounded for the last few days.Got ungrounded though.Which is awesome.I made Tony a journal last night bc he was all..MAKE ME A JOURNAL!.I love that demandingness in a guy..Hmm...Love to be controlled I do.:).So yea.His journal is loved_f0r_life if you want to go see him. I made the layout..and I took forever on it..<3.I guess I should have taken the same time on my own...and then again on the communties.Im such a meanie head.Lol.
Well..I went to see Harry Potter last night...at the 10:00 show..and I could have sworn I saw Aron in there...Pretty sure I did..When I saw the guy whom I thought was him I called his name to see..but the guy didnt turn around..so I gave up.But then he sat like ...2 rows in front of me..and started talking a little to this little boy[and I remember my convo with Aron about his little brother and him going] and I realize..maybe I am just fucking imagining this...Gah.Im so bored.
When the movie ended though.I was beating up on my little brother and I looked back bc I felt someone looking at me..and I saw the kid I thought was Aron...but didnt stare..bc if it was Aron...that would have been awkward..and if it wasnt..it just would have been funny.Lol.Well.
That would have been cool if it was Aron...and if we sat together...bc then we could make some hellacious jokes about the movie..it seems like me and my sister turned everything perverted like..haha..She pointed out some normal shit being perverted and I pointed out small details and stuff in the background...So observant me.Lol.Gah.Im really bored.I think my internet may be getting cut off soon.That would suck.Very badly..I dont talk to many kids in Tx anymore..but I like talking to kids here..and then Tony...IF I dont have internet..we will only have the phone..which we have talked on once..so...bah.Letters maybe?..take too long..I dont know.Hopefully things will work out..Love is good.sometimes..I feel good about Tony..My sister even said we could go to LA in like...one summer..but..I have to get a job as soon as I can..so I can put some money in on this too..she is going to look up on something like travelocity and see how much the plane tickets will cost..and the hotel rooms..renting a car..shit like that.Im so excited!..I want to go..Well this is long enough..I bet no one reads this...bah.Leave me comments.I love those things.
:: anyways ::
I love Tony.

0 0 2 †T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

[Tue Nov 22nd, 2005 8:38pm ]
[ mood | Boo. ]

Just adding random bands on Myspace.I found Death Cab.I really need to keep looking for a shirt from them.I want one sooo bad.But I dont have any money.:((.So sad.Wish I did.I can ask me sis for some..or even go as far as to say dada..I love you!..Maybe it will work.OOH.I just got my report card..THAT CAN GET ME MONEY!...BYE!

†T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

New Cd [Mon Nov 14th, 2005 6:15pm ]
Courtney made me a CD.
Got rid of the virus..YAY STEVEN!
1.)A HeartWell Ending.-If Looks Could Kill.
2.)The Academy is...-Classifieds.
3.)Armor For Sleep.-Car Underwater.
4.)At The Drive In.-One Armed Scissors.
5.)BaySide.-Devotion and Desire.
7.)The Early November.-Dinner At The Muncy Table[[I cant read if that said Muncy or something else]]
9.)Emery.-So Cold I Could See My Breath.
10.)Gym Class Heroes.-Cupids Chokehold.
11.)He is Legend.-Chine White.
12.)Panic! at the Disco.-Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off.
13.)Paramore-Here We Go Again.
14.)Placebo.-Pure Morning.
15.)Rilo Kiley.-My Slumbering Heart.
16.)Saves The Day.-This Is Not An Exit.
17.)SilverStein.-Smile In Your Sleep.

its a pretty emo/screamo CD but I love it.
†T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

[Wed Nov 9th, 2005 8:09pm ]
[ mood | Nothing matters. ]

Hmm..Today..sucked.I will divide it up this time.Pros and Cons.


My comp has a virus.
Its uber slow.
I had to sit alone at lunch bc Tim was missing.
We were driving in the rain.
Our windshield wiper broke.
Im still not home.
I didnt find the Anne Rice book I wanted.
Some strange guy at the library talked to me.
He WASNT hott.
My mom wouldnt get Alice In Wonderland for me.
She also yelled at me for "sitting" on her purse in the car.
I didnt.
She uses the computer as a disciplinary action.
It doesnt work.
She yelled at me this morn bc I wouldnt wake up for her.
My dad got a new puppy.
It so cute.
I hate it.
I didnt get to talk to Tim about shit today.
Tony didnt sign on.
Hes still going into the Army to be a Sniper.
The icon I made looks like shit.
I fell asleep in every class BUT French.
They decided to have a conversation/debate about "underdog kids" in English which then turned into a debate on suicide.I thought about Bobby.<3.
I had to read out loud in English.
I hate reading out loud.
PLUS I wasnt paying attention since I already finished the book she assigned.
Natallies going away for awhile to Chicago.
I think I failed a quiz in my History class.
I STILL have a virus on my comp.
My mom runs me away from the comp only so she can get on to taunt me.
There are 3 days left.
I am a horrible person.


I wasnt hassled all day with annoying kids.
I passed an accounting test with a 93.
I <3 my Natallie.
Steven helped me with the comp shit.
I made another icon.
Its ok looking.
I didnt get to get mad at Tim.
I found a good icon i like...
I waled in the rain.
Dillon was happier.
I didnt fall asleep in French.
I got to see Natallie.
I got to sit with her.
On the bus.
I didnt have to sit near Jasmine on the bus.
I got a new layout working.
And this is my pretty icon.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I like it.
Please tell me if you do.
<3 Leighann.
Oh and heres the icon I found that I like.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Makes me feel good.
Tell me what you think about it too.I would appreciate it if you didnt steal either.The person who made the rain one said so.Thnx.
0 0 2 †T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

[Tue Nov 8th, 2005 8:29pm ]
He told me hes leaving for the army.Tony.I cant bear the thought of him dying.How will I talk to him?.What am I going to do?
0 0 2 †T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

[Tue Nov 8th, 2005 8:08pm ]
[ mood | I wish I had a jacket. ]

Hello everyone.

Today.Sucked.Horribly.Bottom line.

First of all.I had to sit inside to eat.Bah.Tim didnt leave me though.Like I expected him to.But yea.I <3 Tim.Hes so awesome.

I passed moi French test with an 84...I think thats like a C here.Or maybe a B.Not sure.Not used to getting those.

My English teacher assigned us a book to read in class on Mon.I had it finished by French the next day.

We were only supposed to read to Chapter 3.

I have to find a Anne Rice book for Reading Club.Yay.Shes so awesome.I want to find her Post-Vampire Chronicles books though.

This town wont have them.

I should go find her erotica stuff.Piss some kids off.I wont.Mrs Burket would find it funny she said.Lol.Shes so awesome.

My friend Dillon is having some issues.I wont post those.I <3 him too much.

I am talking to Steven more and more everyday.

I found out today that I have very little consideration for others feelings when I am in love.

I just stop caring.

I need more love.I miss hugs.

I havent gotten a hug from a peer since Roberto in Tx.

I even miss Eric at this point.

Now is when you wish even your hugest enemies would call just so you can hear their voice and know it wasnt a dream.

I keep thinking Tonys just a dream.

Then he signs on.<3.
He left me a comment on VF saying he wouldnt get on there anymore and that he was leaving.I will post it here.

im sorry but this is probably the last time you are going to read anything from me...im leaveing and i dont know when im comeing back...im not going to kill myself but im not...im not going to be the same when i come back...so i'll leave you comments on yahoo or aim but no longer on vf...please dont hurt yourself it not yourfault i just need sometime away from family and friends....bye
If heaven and hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

Hes so great.He called me after that.Like...10 minutes after I read the comment.He said he loved me and that he would sign on later.But then he told me where he was going.I wont say where bc his rents read it.OMG..he just signed on.g2g.<3.I will let him IM me first.Makes him think of me as love.Hah.Lol.There he is.

Never forget.I <3 you guys more than life itself.<3 always.


†T H E S T A R O F M Y E Y E†

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